Winterizing Your Boat

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Winterizing Your Boat

By Valentine's Marine in Sheridan, CO

When you notice the temperature starting to drop at the end of the year, it’s time to start preparing your boat for winterization. Hold onto those warm memories you made during boating season while you focus on properly storing your boat until the nicer weather returns. This is an important process considering that long periods of inactivity during the winter can accelerate the wear and tear of your craft.

At Valentine’s Marine, we’re here to help our customers maintain their investments, which includes proper boat winterization. We’ve gathered some essential tips below to help you get started. For more information, give us a call or stop by our dealership in Sheridan, Colorado today! We’re conveniently located near Denver and Englewood.

Prepare Your Boat

Before you get carried away, you need to prepare your boat for storage. The first step is to give it a good cleaning. Begin by washing the exterior, then the interior. You should aim to remove as much grime, salt, and algae as you can. These elements naturally build up throughout the boating season. Pay attention to the small spots, such as between the seats and any crevices. When you’re done, let it dry, and move on to waxing. This last step is especially crucial if you’ll be storing your boat outdoors.

Basic Boat Maintenance

Make sure you perform some basic boat maintenance prior to storing it for the winter. You’ll want to start by changing the oil. When you leave oil or acid sitting for a long time, it can lead to corrosion. While you’re at it, you should change the oil filter, flush it out, then add fresh oil. Don’t forget that you’ll need to use antifreeze for your cooling system, which is a critical step if you live in an area where temperatures dip below freezing. Flush it with a freshwater rinse, then circulate antifreeze into the cooling system until it exits the exhaust.

You want to avoid corrosion and rust at all costs, specifically on the moving parts, so fogging oil is a great addition to your maintenance routine. Spray it directly into the fuel compartments, cylinders, and carburetors. The resulting residue will protect your boat’s moving parts during the offseason. Last but not least, use a fuel stabilizer to protect the tank from freezing condensation. This also ensures your fuel will be ready to ride when boating season comes back around.

Storing Your Boat

You’re almost ready to store your boat. Remember to remove the battery and store it in a cool, dry place. You’ll also want to hook it up to a trickle charger. If you don’t have one, you can charge it regularly once a month. Wherever it is you store your boat, you should consider investing in a breathable cover to protect it from dust and grime. If you’re storing it outside, be sure it’s applied tightly to prevent rain, snow, and other elements from causing damage.

If you need parts or service before you start your boat winterization, visit us at Valentine’s Marine in Sheridan, Colorado near Denver and Englewood.

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