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Mercury Outboard Motors

Mercury Marine began in 1939 with an idea that was developed by engineer Carl Kiekhaefer. It didn’t take long for this idea to gain momentum. Mercury Marine has been manufacturing high-quality outboard motors for more than 70 years now. Mercury Marine outboards offer several outstanding features like superior performance, low consumption, and low emissions. The company continues to be an industry leader with each new release.
At Valentine’s Marine, we understand the significance of a durable, dependable outboard, which is why we are pleased to offer several Mercury outboard motors to our customers. Visit us in Sheridan, CO  near Denver today!

Mercury Outboards

2018 Mercury 4 Stroke Outboard Sheridan Colorado

Mercury FourStroke engines take your on-the-water experience to new heights. These engines provide unbeatable power and performance in an efficient, reliable packaging. They’re smaller, lighter, and tougher than any other outboard motor out there. They’re designed for use in a variety of boats so just about anyone can enjoy a Mercury FourStroke engine.

2018 Mercury Racing Outboard CO

When you’re looking for a product that is going to push the boundaries, you should consider Mercury Racing outboards. There are several options available and each is jam-packed with features that’ll blow your competition out of the water. Each Mercury Racing outboard is sure to get your adrenaline pumping like no other.

2018 Mercury Jet Outboard Sheridan

Mercury Jet outboards are so versatile that you can easily use them for accessing shallow water fishing spots or if you simply want to enjoy a fun-filled day of tow sports. These outboards have engineered to promote maximum maneuverability so you’ll be cruising through the water with ease and confidence. You can’t beat that! 

For superior design and performance, there’s the Mercury Verado. These outboards were built to power the largest boats on the water so size will never be an issue. You’ll enjoy the perks of advanced engineering and refined operation so you never have to settle when it comes to the features that matter most.

Mercury Pro XS Outboard 2018 Sheridan CO

If you’re looking for an engine that’ll keep you on your toes, go with the Pro XS. This engine continues to raise the bar for performance. Those with Pro XS outboards are no strangers to lightning-fast acceleration, top speed ability, and of course, the best reliability you can find in an engine.

2018 Mercury Sea Pro Colorado Sheridan

Sometimes, you need all the power you can get, and that’s where the SeaPro comes in. The new Mercury SeaPro outboard models add a little bit of everything and then some. There’s more displacement, more power, more efficiency, and more durability. You’ll never be lacking with a Mercury SeaPro outboard