Maintaining Your Honda® Outboard Motor

Honda Outboard on Alumacraft Boat

Maintaining Your Honda® Outboard Motor

At Valentine's Marin in Sheridan, CO

Once you’ve made the great decision to invest in a Honda outboard motor for your boat, the next thing you’ll want to do is learn how to maintain it. After all, this is essential to ensuring that your Honda outboard will continue running and performing well. Fortunately, one of the best benefits you’ll be receiving when you invest in an outboard is that they’re fairly easy to maintain thanks to their convenient accessibility. The two main types of maintenance you’ll want to focus on are post-boating and year-round maintenance.

Here at Valentine’s Marine in Sheridan, Colorado, we’ve gathered all the information you need for proper outboard maintenance. For more tips or to check out our inventory, visit our dealership today! You’ll find us conveniently located near Denver and Englewood.

Post-Boating Maintenance

Your Honda outboard is hard at work each time you take it out on a boating trip, so it’s crucial that you perform the necessary maintenance upon your return. Once you pull your boat out of the water, you can begin by purging all the water. Next, start the engine and allow the water pump to remove any water that was used for cooling. In a marine environment, remember to flush your engine with fresh water to remove any leftover salt that could cause corrosion. After the engine is completely flushed, you can unhook the fuel line and burn out any remaining gas.

The next step is to remove the cowling, which is the protective casing that allows the engine to run without ever coming into contact with the water. You should wipe the engine down with a cloth because it will be hot. Spray the moving parts with lubricant so they continue functioning properly. This is a good time to inspect your spark plugs and gasket seals for any leaks. There shouldn’t be any water in the engine compartment. If there are any noticeable leaks, it’s time to take it in for service at Valentine’s Marine.

Year-Round Maintenance

While this might sound pretty self-explanatory, this is a step that can easily be neglected and lead to issues later on down the line. You’ll be doing yourself a favor by setting a schedule to follow each year. It’s important to note that your Honda outboard doesn’t operate like a car motor. Oftentimes, a fair amount of additional knowledge is required for proper maintenance. If you don’t feel comfortable performing year-round maintenance on your Honda outboard, leave it to a professional. Routine maintenance includes checking your oil, filters, and spark plugs on a regular basis.

If you’re still in the market for a new Honda outboard, be sure to stop by Valentine’s Marine in Sheridan, Colorado near Denver and Englewood. We also proudly offer parts and service.

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